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Staff List At 2014

Michael GoldacreProfessor of Public Health, University of Oxford; Unit Director

Matt DavidsonSystems & Database Developer
Marie DuncanResearch Officer
Leicester GillEmeritus Chief Computer Scientist
Raph GoldacreResearch Officer
Nick HallComputer Programmer and Webmaster
Hong HarperIT Software Developer
Uy HoangAcademic Clinical Fellow
Jenny Maisonneuve Research Officer
Valerie SeagroattStatistician and Oxford University Research Lecturer
Olena SeminogResearch Officer
Clare WottonResearch Officer
David YeatesComputer Scientist

Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement (PROM) Group
Elizabeth GibbonsSenior Research Officer

UK Medical Careers Research Group
Robert AleyDatabase Programmer
Janet JusticeClerical Survey Staff, Coding and Data Entry
Trevor LambertUniversity Research Lecturer, Statistician and Project Co-ordinator
Fay SmithResearch Officer
Alison StockfordClerical Survey Staff, Coding and Data Entry
Geraldine SurmanResearch Officer
Elena SvirkoResearch Officer

MRC/FPA Study of Contraception and Women's Health
Martin VesseyEmeritus Professor of Public Health, University of Oxford / Study Director

Some recent graduate students associated with the UHCE and their research dissertations

Rodolfo CatenaEssays on Health Care Operational Management. DPhil (Oxford) 2015
AbdulRahman El-SayedInequalities in obesity in England: an agent-based systems approach. DPhil (Oxford) 2011
Raphael GoldacreAssociations between birthweight, gestational age at birth and type 1 diabetes mellitus in children under 12: a retrospective cohort study in England 1998-2012. MSc (London) 2015
Uy HoangCharacterising recent mortality trends in people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in England using linked hospital and mortality data. MD (London) 2013
Dev KeevatMSc Migration of Doctors from Developing Countries to Australia: Estimation of the Scale of an Inward "Brain Drain”. MSc (Oxford) 2012
Marisa Langdon-EmbryAssociation between vasectomy and prostate cancer: a record-linkage study. MSc (London) 2014
Meng LiuMaternal and perinatal factors associated with hospitalisation for common childhood infectious diseases: record linkage study. MSc (Oxford) 2013
Oyindamola OgunlajaSickle cell disease in England: some aspects of its epidemiology studied using linked hospital statistics. MSc (Oxford) 2012
Amanda RojekA retrospective evaluation of hospital evacuations following natural disaster between 2011- 2014. MSc (Oxford) 2014
Peter ScarboroughEnvironmental and behavioural determinants of geographic variation in coronary heart disease in England: an ecological study. DPhil (Oxford) 2009
Olena SeminogStudy of the epidemiology of acute stroke and stroke subtypes using linked hospital and mortality data. DPhil (Oxford) 2017
Avinash SharmaWhy UK-trained doctors leave the UK: cross-sectional survey of doctors in New Zealand. MSc (Oxford) 2010
Jesse SiffledenThe epidemiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and its health burden in England: defining trends in IBD incidence, hospitalisation, surgery, mortality, and associated disease conditions using large administrative health databases. MSc (Oxford) 2014
Ekaterina SmolinaExamination of the epidemiology of acute myocardial infarction in England using linked hospital and mortality data. DPhil (Oxford) 2011
Kremlin WickramasingheQuantifying the impact of policies addressing sustainable and healthy diets. DPhil (Oxford) 2015
Jiming XhuAssessing the viability of general practice in China. DPhil (Oxford) 2017

Unit of Health Care Epidemiology

Nuffield Department of Population Health

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The work was funded at various times by the Department of Health, the NHS National Co-ordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development, the Department of Health's National Institute for Health Research, the Department of Health's National Centre for Health Outcomes Development, and the Nuffield Department of Population Health.

Privacy notice:
The data used within UHCE comes from routinely collected hospital data (HES) and death certificate information, and is used solely for statistical analysis purposes to support the authoring of research papers under Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR. The data is not shared with or accessed by any person outside of the Nuffield Department of Population Health. All data is pseudonomysed and as such it is effectively impossible to identify individual data subjects within the data. Thus requests to access, rectify or erase data pertaining to an individual data subject ("opt out") cannot be fulfilled. The data controller is the University of Oxford. Email the Information Compliance Team at data.protection@admin.ox.ac.uk with any queries.

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